About us

Reportly was built from the ground up by a group of passionate individuals from mixed backgrounds connected by the pain-points of creating building inspection reports.

Bea James is the founder and reporting ninja, with a telco background managing technology partners, product development, digital marketing and e-commerce, with first hand experience helping global organisations deliver digital transformation and mobile first programs. Bea is also a Director of a leak detection company in Sydney, and over the past 15 years has help produced thousands of technical inspection reports for Australia’s top home insurers and Stratas.


The challenge

Inspectors, assessors, auditors and business administrators shared with us their experiences turning in inspection reports against the clock. The feeling was mutual, a desire to overcome slow, old fashion, low-value and repetitive tasks. Although similar industries such as real estate and property management had made significant digital advances with cloud technology and other fancy tools, putting together inspection reports was a time consuming chore.

The tools available to create reports were mostly desktop-based and not purpose-built for a mobile workforce. The short story was that everyone wanted better, easier, quicker, and so, Reportly® is here to make life a little easier for inspectors worldwide. The pain-points became opportunities.


The goal

Reportly® is cloud-based software, an all-in-one business suite combining job management, reporting and quoting. With a powerhouse iOS App all the important inspection work gets done from the field and is instantly updated and available via computer web browser also. Syncing in real-time means the valuable findings of an inspection are instantly shared, keeping teams connected and the paperwork moving faster.

Our vision is to change mindsets and transform the way inspection reports are done with powerful and easy-to-use tech. Join us.

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