All-in-one cloud solution for smart inspectors, App included

  • Work smarter with reusable templates


    Cloud solution to manage bookings, inspections, reports & quotes from wherever work takes you.

  • Win more jobs with quicker quotes


    Supercharge your business. Data is synced in the cloud in real-time between the App and the web.

  • Share your reports with pride


    Instant PDF reports with easy and ready to use templates and checklists. Work stress-free.

  • Work solo or in a team


    Plan your next move and make informed decision with the performance dashboard.

Reportly® App features

Try Reportly for free
Try Reportly for free
Try Reportly for free
Try Reportly for free

Reportly® App features

All-in one

Inspect, report, quote in one go. A dedicated job manager, personal assistant and studio designer in your pocket.

Time saver

Work out of the box with smart productivity shortcuts: checklists, forms, templates, photo editing & markup tools.

Easy to use

Photos and aerials are auto-resized for grouping and tagging. Markup with lines and shapes. Crop, rotate, zoom-in.

Faster + smarter

Talking is up to 3x faster than typing. Use the microphone to record voice notes, spell checks included.

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Fast-forward delivery ▶▶

We switched to Reportly just before the first pandemic lockdown in 2020 and the move paid-off. We have positioned ourselves as the leading and most trusted partner in the field for strata managers, insurers, and loss adjusters. Work is easier and more streamlined. We simply don't go anywhere without the App and our clients love the reports.



Director, Sydney Leak Detection

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Inspectors Rock!

Where inspectors go, Reportly follows

Instant inspection reports… Ta-daa!

Reportly Cloud

Cloud tech is here to make life a little easier from all your devices.
If you like working on larger screens, switch between the App and laptop or computer. Reportly Cloud is your control tower overseeing business ops and keeping your team in sync. Finish where inspectors left off instantly. Learn more

Inspection reporting App

A must-have in the life of a modern inspector.
A digital toolbox to lighten your workload and help you work a little faster, smarter and happier. Book, inspect, report and quote on the go. Available for iPhone and iPad only, download the Reportly App from the App Store. View app features

Work a little faster

According to research conducted by ANZ Bank in 2018, by using digital tools like Reportly, SMEs saved an average of 10 hours per week or 25% off the average week, and reported an average increase of 27% in annual revenue.

Streamline your routine business processes. Use your time wiser and spend less effort managing jobs, completing inspection reports, and drafting quotes.

Get more done faster with Reportly.

Showcase your true skills

Work a little smarter

We no longer waste time with handwritten forms or transferring photos. Our focus has shifted to fast quality audits that empower sound decision making for our clients. Having everything in one place has been a big productivity driver.

Give your reports a facelift


Principal, Morasey Environment

Be ready from the get-go

Power up

From device to smart office

Working on the cloud means your business is connected in real-time, giving you and your team flexibility, freedom and mobility to get it done faster from wherever work takes you.

Get inspired by our report library, showcasing real inspection reports. These reports are the result of assessors on the field working together with their home-based support team throughout the two waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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